3 Steps to Styling your Counter Tops with Tiles

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3 Steps to Styling your Counter Tops with Tiles

Tiles are a great way of making your counter tops durable. They are not only easy to clean but durable as well. Not to forget that they make a space look and feel beautiful. No matter what type of tile you go for or the design you choose, it can sometimes be expensive to have them installed.

But if you have no money to hire someone to do it, you might as well do it yourself.

Here are some steps to follow when undertaking the DIY

  1. Preparation
  • Acquire the tile

Choose the tile you want to use on your counters. Make sure you get more than enough to ensure your project runs without unnecessary halts. You can consult a contractor or tile shop to learn more about how many tiles you need for your space.

  • Cut the tile

Cut the tile to fit onto the counter tops. Some counters have different shapes and corners so ensure you measure and cut according to the size.

Next screw a ¾ plywood base onto the counter. Ensure it is the correct measurement and use screws that can penetrate the wall.

  1. Installation
  • Check your layout

Start by deciding what tile goes where and the design you want to use. For corners it is always best to start there to ensure there is symmetry. Remember to mark your pattern.

  • Mix mortar

Mix your mortar to a thick mashed potato consistency. Remember to only mix in small amounts to be used in small areas at a time.

Spread this thin-set mortar onto your surface using a notched trowel before laying your tiles. Do this in small portions as you go on.

  • Putting tiles

Lay your tiles following the marks made before. Do this in small sections, checking to ensure you are happy with your progress.

Check for crooked tiles or uneven grout lines. If it looks okay continue with the other sections until you are done.

  1. Lay the border

After you are done with your field tile lay the border.

Lay your border tile end to end and figure out the best place to splice the sections.

Just like you did with the other tiles, spread your mortar and embed your tile.

Give it a few hours to set.

After it has set, take a knife or wood chisel and lightly scrape away any mortar that has caught on the edges. Do not let the mortar dry up completely as this will make it more difficult to remove the excess mortar.

Finally clamp a ledger to support your tile as it sets completely.

Remember to always seek assistance in case you run into a snag or are in doubts.

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